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Somebody can help me with my PSP?+ Angry Faic!!!!

2009-05-19 00:20:12 by frikipedia

1)I have a lot of troubles trying to connect my PSP to internet, because I think I don't have a router :S (solved!!!)

2)I can't pass videogames from the computer to the PSP (CSO.)

3) I only have 5 folders in the front page (MP_ROOT, MUSIC, VIDEO, PICTURE, PSP)

Fuck I solved all by myself and I realized that I need to buy a tool(pandora) battery, and a magic memory stick because my PSP is in version firmware 5.02 :(

For my english project of this month I made an angry faic just with pixels!!!

Review my work and let me know what you think!!!!

Somebody can help me with my PSP?+ Angry Faic!!!!


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2009-05-19 03:40:36 in/playstation.cfg/php/enduser/std_ad p.php?p_faqid=460&p_sid=PnNqzayj

that will give you all the help on conecting your psp to the internet

frikipedia responds:

thanks! can you tell me how to put an CSO. on the PSP version 3000?


2009-05-29 16:11:22

very nicely done angry face :) i love it

And i wont bomb you, i dont believe in that practice. And I really don't see how a 6 is f'ing you over (thats an average score)? So hopefully we can stop bitching at eachother and be gentlemen about it.

frikipedia responds:

glad you say that. :)


2009-06-17 23:26:06

i hope you are not as ugly as this thing og yours
lol jk
i like it. i made a carving of castle crashers and posted it on one of my look st/218748

frikipedia responds:

I heit ya </3


2009-07-18 15:57:21

1. Nice angry face, but I'll review it later.
2.Sorry about the troubles :(

frikipedia responds:

thanks for leaving a comment


2009-12-16 11:04:05

Make sure you get the right stuff for your PSP version. Otherwise you might waste your money
PSP-1000 = "phat" or normal
PSP-2000 = Slim
PSP-3000 = Brite
PSP-Go = none of the above.


2010-08-16 17:49:37



2010-08-26 16:26:11

i think its ugly...