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Somebody can help me with my PSP?+ Angry Faic!!!!

2009-05-19 00:20:12 by frikipedia

1)I have a lot of troubles trying to connect my PSP to internet, because I think I don't have a router :S (solved!!!)

2)I can't pass videogames from the computer to the PSP (CSO.)

3) I only have 5 folders in the front page (MP_ROOT, MUSIC, VIDEO, PICTURE, PSP)

Fuck I solved all by myself and I realized that I need to buy a tool(pandora) battery, and a magic memory stick because my PSP is in version firmware 5.02 :(

For my english project of this month I made an angry faic just with pixels!!!

Review my work and let me know what you think!!!!

Somebody can help me with my PSP?+ Angry Faic!!!!

Some important news!

2009-04-21 21:55:10 by frikipedia


First of all, I got curious about the topic of Sirtom93 and I made a research. I found the treat that he posted a few months ago; someone with enought pants called the police and Sirtom93 got arrested.

If you wanna' know more here's the link: 039574/1

Second of all: I finished my model of the Chinese wall to my English class!!

Here's a pic of my model but this isn't the all-detailed version. It will be much better with some ours of work!.

Review my model and give me constructive ideas!

For some fun watch this epic fails. They're the most fucked I have ever seen!. p9os

Third of all:

Happy pico day.

O o
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Some important news!


2009-04-01 17:56:00 by frikipedia

I fuckin hated the chinese thing that happened in april 1. If something like that happens again I will leave newgrounds!

hey guys!!!

2009-02-21 14:44:57 by frikipedia

I always wanted to make a NG account and then... Here I am!!!

I'm learning flash in my school and when I learn it well I will post animations for you people!